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custom order

1. blue-yellow shells

3. orangeyellow rope

2. pink-orange-green

4. pink-navy swirls

1) Select the generic greyed-out item you want from the SHOP page and add to Cart.


2) Then in the drop-down, select from the available fabrics (pictured below), and check out.


Generally there will be enough of each fabric to make any single item. Contact us for multiple-item orders, and for enquiries about special customisation (e.g. pockets, zips), or bulk orders.

5. orange-blue dots

6. purple-blue stars

7. turquoise dots

8. beige-orange tiger

9. pink-grey snake

10. lavender-white

11. wax stripes

12. swirl upholstery

13. pink upholstery

14. blue upholstery

15. pink wax

16. blue wax

Out of stock!

Out of stock!